Highway Sunrise

Highway Sunrise are a brand new Canadian Acoustic Rock band formed in 2013 by lead vocalist Ben Cooper and drummer Dan Loach in Ottawa, Ontario. Both musicians have over 20 years of experience in performing at some of the big venues in Toronto (The Opera House), Ottawa (Bluesfest), and Montreal (Club Soda). 

Highway Sunrise is a energetic two-man band that sounds like a trio. Ben plays guitar and bass at the same time in a complicated array, which in turn makes the duo sound like a trio. Typically, he utilizes a Line 6 Acoustic Variax guitar, which has the capability to turn the E and A strings to an octave lower which adds the full sound of a ghost bass player. Using harmonica as the solo or lead instrument, the two musicians combine guitar/bass/harmonica and percussion elements to create an acoustic rock sound.   

Check us out at www.highwaysunrise.com